Corporate and Financial Risk Appraisal

ABR Corporate Services has developed a unique set of products designed to assess all the risks involved in the procurement process for engaging a contractor or supplier.

Our reports set out to:

  • Confirm the ownership and corporate structure with ASIC Searches
  • Investigate any court actions and review payment patterns
  • Ensure that the contract is with the correct entity and that funds are secured through appropriate guarantees
  • Determine the long term financial viability and risk of failure
  • Review existing contracts, impact on the cashflow and ability to handle the required workload
  • Assess operational capacity to complete the contract
  • Identify any issues that must be considered in drawing up the contract

Due to the nature of this style of investigative reporting, ABR understands the information provided by client and company is of a highly sensitive nature. For this reason, ABR maintains secure facilities that will ensure that any information obtained during the course of an investigation remains commercial in confidence.